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Will newspaper roll become the next toilet paper roll?

Will we really run out of toilet roll?

During this coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic it seems as though the biggest worry of them all is… are we going to run out of toilet roll? It’s pretty funny if you think about it. People running like a stampede of animals to stock up on toilet paper.

Most women will pretend that a number 2 is only something the male species need to do. It is definitely something we never discuss openly – the need to wipe our arses! However, it is clearly very important in an Armageddon! Strange that they never mention the lack of toilet roll on The Walking Dead.

However funny it may be, what isn’t funny is the fact that the people panic buying are not being considerate to the disabled and less able to get out and about as easily!

Is it time to go old school?

Well an option is to go old school and use old newspaper! You may wish you had a bidet as well when you discover print all over your butt cheeks. Hey! If the Kardashians start doing it, it will probably become fashionable. Maybe? Maybe not.

Worst comes to worst we better learn how to make toilet paper out of newspaper. Read this guide on how to!


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