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Here Are The 5 Most Stylish Microwaves For Under £100

I wanted to give you my list of 5 most stylish microwaves under £100. It turns out that I need a new microwave but I am on a budget!! Therefore, I thought I would share with you my own research i finding the best microwave on a budget! But first I’ll tell you a little story of why I needed a new microwave!

Popped my cherry stone heat pack in the microwave for 3 minutes

Went into my lounge and a minute or so later thought to myself ‘hmmmmm that’s an odd smell’

Went back through to the kitchen and saw the microwave bellowing out smoke and said out loud ‘Oh F*&k!’ and quickly pulled the plug from the socket and stood back as I watched the flames in the microwave!

I then sort of stood around for what felt like a long time contemplating what to do! (This is why I wouldn’t recommend copying my coping mechanisms!!)

These are the thoughts that went through my head, very quickly

  • It’s an electrical fire so I can’t pour water over it.
  • I can’t wet a cloth and throw it on top because its inside the microwave.
  • If I open the microwave will the flames bust out?
  • Do I phone the fire brigade? Surely not, this would be as close to ‘my cat is stuck in a tree’
  • Oh I know! I will phone my boyfriend who lives in another city – ringing for a couple of seconds then I say to myself ‘what the hell can he do?!’
  • Hang up and phone my best friend, who is an electrician I figured because its a microwave — no answer!!! F*&K!… What now …
  • Phone my sister, who initially laughs and tells me to throw it outside….. hmmmm. Chatted for a while as she tells me about the time she threw out a chip pan fire from her 10th storey window to think afterwards that good job it didn’t hit anyone! I think that I won’t mimic that advice!
  • I then decide I need to sort this out sooner rather than later so I plucked up the courage to open the door and then out of sheer panic I just blew!! Annnnnnd it worked!!!! (Like I say, don’t take this as a fool proof way to put out a fire!)
  • I then took pictures to document this, once the flames were out!
  • Then I took my sisters advice and safely threw it outside at ground floor level! and stood on the heat pack to fully put it out!
  • My Electrician friend then phoned me back and I said ‘A lot of good you are in an emergency’ to which I proceeded to tell him the story and he was like, ‘What the hell did you expect me to do in another town?!’
  • My boyfriend then phoned and impressed me because he first asked if I was OK, after receiving a text from me stating ‘I just set fire to my microwave what do I do?!’ and then he proceeded to laugh at the fact I blew out a fire!

There you have it! If you’ve made it through my boring, long story about what happened to my microwave, then you deserve to benefit from my research below to find the cheapest microwaves when you are on a budget like me!

Top 5 most stylish microwaves for less than £100

Lets start off with a classic style of microwave without looking old fashioned. A reputable brand as well! Only £64.99

This is my personal favourite and also happens to be an absolute bargain at 50% for this gorgeous nordic inspired swan microwave £99.99.

A very stylish mirror design with new microwave technologies making it perfect combination of stylish and practical £76.95

If you love a bit of rose gold then this is the perfectly stylish and affordable microwave for you! Only £67.99! If you are a new customer you can also get £15 off your first order over £150, it says! so that would make it even cheaper if you needed additional items!

Swan seems to know their stuff when it comes to stylish microwaves and this isn’t an obvious style but I must say, I love the rich tone of the copper and its only £89.99!!

Please let me know on social media if you found this helpful and let me know if it helped you with a new purchase! I take a lot of time researching the best price for my purchases and that’s why I have created this blog to save other people the time and of course money!! _x

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