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Top 10 Colour Block Inspirations For Your Home

Colour blocking started as a fashion statement in the 80’s. Clashing prints and neon colours were rather garish. Using the same principles of colour blocking in interior design but muting the neon colours down with tasteful and delectable colours makes for an interior design trend that keeps on growing in popularity! 

Are you a fan of colour blocking for an interior design flare? You’re certainly not alone! Not only does it draw the eye it is incredibly affordable to do! Check out below for my favourite inspirations from Instagram: 

1) A featured area

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In this house we don’t charge with cash, we charge in hours of conversation and connection ☕️ I LOVE coffee and not really for the caffeine, but for the way it gathers people around a table to sit for hours and chat, for the endless creativity that is fueled by a well made cup of coffee at a cafe, the new and inventive ways coffee continues to be brewed and that no matter where in the world you go there is bound to be a coffee culture to experience! This little coffee bar DIY has been one I’ve had in my mind forever and I’m so excited for this view to be the first thing people see as they’re welcomed into our home 🤍 Thank you for the inspo @sweetbungalow @adwellingremade @vicki_wootton 🇦🇺🇬🇧🇩🇪🇨🇦🇺🇸 come check out #internationaldecorstyles for some inspiration from all over the world!! And if you like what you see, dm me to be added in! CONGRATULATIONS to our weekly cohost, 🇺🇲! Leslie is a homeowner from a small town in North Carolina, USA! Being from a small town in the country means southern hospitality is a given, which inspires her to create a warm, cozy, soothing and inviting home. "Come in and cozy up, y’all!" #internationaldecorstylesw1 #showmeyoursummerstyle #myeclecticstyle #showmeyourstyled #makemyhome #interiorsthatcrush #modernbohem #mymodernlook #makingmyhaven #nuetraldecorstyles #meetmyretreat #mydreaminghome #showmeyourhomevibes #lagommyhome #myinterioroasis #nesttoimpress #mixyourstyles #meandmyabode #interiorsthatcrush #marvelatmyhome #decorgalsdoitall #iheartthishaven #hometakestime #thedelightofdecor #foxyourspace #housetohomehaven #myinterioroasis #nesttoimpress #mixyourstyles #meandmyabode #coffeebar #mycrumbshome #makeyourselfathome #bidathome

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2) Bringing a door colour onto the wall and mixing it up with wall stickers!

3) Don’t be afraid to go bold – mix up colours and patterns!

4) Simple but effective around a door frame

5) No need for the cost of a headboard when you can paint one!

6) Cutting straight lines into curved ones with the help of frog tape! Make a real statement piece

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So a bit of clearing up of the odd splodge still to sort and my Mac still needs moving in here but here’s my new work space, in a corner of a room that doubles up as my hubby’s dressing room. Motivated by @mad_about_the_house talking about how colour makes you feel , I realised that my desk on the landing, with no windows or views was not doing it for me. Further inspiration from the wonderful @annalysejacobs and @abbeymadethis and I hit the ground running with the urge to do some colour blocking! This corner, originally a second doorway into the tiniest shower room, was created when we stole a foot from this bedroom to make the shower room (leaking directly down in to the garage below) a little bigger and more useable. The door went and the bedroom here got smaller. It’s been an unused single room for a while, then a dumping room and the wardrobes for my partner. And now it’s all fresh ready for a motivating workspace. No doubt that colour blocking takes patience and a bit of thought but for about £20 I’ve created a vibrant new space. #storyofmyhome – no smoke without fire 🔥 #myhousethismonth – add some colour #artfullyhomes #eclecticallymade #myrenostory #pimpupmypad #colourblocking #colorblocking #mycolourfulinterior #colorlovedecor #interiordecorating #painting #workspace #myhousedownsouth #myhousebeautiful #colormadetheroom #colorplaceinterior #crashbangcolour

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7) Focal point corners

8) Merge two colours from one room into the next with just a hint of colour blocking

9) Extend the wall colour up onto the ceiling!!

10) Create your own art

Don’t be afraid to try it in your home! All you need is: 

1) A paint brush 

2) Some tester pots or left over paint 

3) Low tack masking tape if you don’t fancy the steady hand approach! 

4) Tape measure 

5) Spirit level 

6) A pencil 

If you are worried about decorating straight onto your desired surface then sketch your design and paint it on a piece of cardboard first to practice! It will also help you decide if it’s the right pattern to go for! Don’t be afraid of just going for it! It is a lot easier than you think and all else fails you can always paint over it!!! 

Let me know what you think on Instagram! Share your colourblock creations and @beautblog_x and #beauthomes so I see!

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