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This Is How You Can Achieve A Modern Bathroom, With A Victorian Charm. On A Budget!

Welcome to the fourth edition (Part 1) of Beaut homes. In this feature the very talented and lovely Sam welcomes us to her life at number eleven

Living her best independent woman life in her North Shields converted Victorian terrace flat, she shares with her adorable Pomchi called Winnie!!!! (Cuuuuute!). 

By day she has a very impressive job as Senior Photographer for North East fashion brand, Barbour… you may have heard of it! By night, much like most of us, she has succumbed to her enthusiasm for DIY and she is self-confessed, interiors obsessed! 

Her home gives us vibes of eclectic, old-school glamour. Sticking to a colour palette of blue, green, monochrome, mustard and 

Of course GOLD! 


Sam is a perfect example of what Beaut homes is all about… She bought her house in November 2018 and she has been DIYing her way to a home she is happy with, whilst most importantly keeping an eye on budgets!

DIY Bathroom 

As always, the best way to save money when renovating is to Do It Yourself! This is exactly what Sam has done (with the help of her lovely Dad!). Labour costs are what drive up the cost of any renovation so to save on this her and her handy father completed the whole project.

They ripped out the existing bathroom, did the tiling, painting, plumbing and installation. Lets give a hats off to Sam and her dad!

Take opportunities that present themselves

Before renovation started Sam had a leak from her bathroom, which had stained the ceiling below. Sourcing the problem and getting it fixed gave her the perfect opportunity and motivation to start designing a bathroom that she can proudly admire!

I designed the whole project so had a clear vision and it was so rewarding watching the project come to life.


Find your inspiration

I am a big believer in renovating and decoration your home in keeping with the era the home was built, otherwise it looks odd. This isn’t to say that you can’t add modern touches, the key is to find a smooth blend between the age of the home, the modern and your own particular style.

Sam owns a Victorian terrace flat, originally the property was a house that was split into two.

I wanted to create a contemporary bathroom but with nods to the age of the property such as the Victorian style ceramic floor tiles and the traditional roll top bath.


Working with the size you have!

This is not a euphemism!

Showers didn’t become a staple in most homes until the 1980’s so a lot of bathrooms are actually too small to have both a separate bath and shower and therefore over the bath showers are perfect!

Sam wanted to utilise the space she had whilst not compromising on overall design and aesthetic. Looking for a way to make the most of the space, Sam opted for an over the bath shower. A roll top, claw foot, bath which edges the wall was the perfect solution to keep a Victorian charm.

Choosing the perfect finishing touches that make a space

I love brass fixtures so researched and bought all brass or black accessories for a glamorous feel to reflect the rest of the decor throughout my home. With also the blue units being a nod to the blue I have featured in my home, sticking to my colour palette whilst creating a unique space. 


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Overall Renovation Cost (minus décor details) – just over £2000

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