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The Top 10 Fundamental Guides To Staying Safe During The COVID-19 Pandemic.

Seriously, why the f*&k aren’t people already washing their hands?!?

I have decided to create this blog post containing the top 10 fundamental guides to staying safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Because why on earth does it take a worldwide pandemic for people to start practising good standards of hygiene. I mean, really?!


Hi I’m Katie and I suffer with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in relation to my fear of germs. I have purposely tried ignoring the media in regards to this COVID-19 scare so I don’t completely loose it with crippling anxiety and allow my OCD to get worse. However, it has now got to the state I can no longer be blissfuly unaware because it is evident that the whole world is going into crisis. Not only are the supermarket shelves empty but the word ‘coronavirus’ is on everyones lips. Panic started setting in last night and I spent several hours down a rabbit hole that is Google and the keyword ‘coronavirus’.


This hasn’t help my anxiety one bit! And even though I always have a lot of cleaning products in due to my OCD, I still went out on a Saturday morning to find more, out of fear I might have to self isolate and suddenly run out. This is when it became evident that the shelves were empty and my thoughts suddenly went to those that will actually be running out and what happens for those people.

First of all, why does it take a pandemic for people to start buying cleaning products and practice good levels of hygiene? Does it occur to anyone that they should be doing this anyway? So many people make fun of how clean I need things to be. I get so frustrated when people tell me ‘you need germs to be healthy and fight off diseases’ well, the next time someone says that I am just going to say ‘Coronavirus’ with a bemused look on my face.

My boyfriend now jokes that I am an evil mastermind behind the creation and mass spreading of COVID-19 as a way to get my standard of hygiene to become the norm. So while this is clearly an exaggeration, I can’t help but bask in the thought of a cleaner nation whilst rubbing my hands together as I wash them properly!

Please understand that this is some light humour, in a tragic time of people dying. If there is anything we can learn from this, is to seriously practice better hygiene.

Ask yourselves

I am asking myself all of these questions, along with will I still have a germ phobia after all of this or will everyone have the same phobia so that my phobia becomes the norm and I can finally relax?!?

10 fundamental guides to read
  1. Clearly people didn’t know how to wash their hands properly, therefore this is an NHS guide on how to was your hands effectively.
  2. For live updates follow The Guardian.
  3. Keep up to date with the government’s response.
  4. A Q&A from the World Health Organisation.
  5. Is prevention really better than cure?
  6. COVID-19 is now a pandemic: What next?
  7. It is important to take care of dry hands when washing them a lot. Read this dermatologist’s guide to healing dry hands.
  8. Read this very interesting article by Forbes on the psychology of uncertainty.
  9. Now is the best time to start a thorough Spring Clean with my ultimate guide to Spring cleaning.
  10. Try stay mindful and practice mindfulness to ease your anxiety at this time because our reaction to stress can also kill. Take a look at my mind-half-fulness section!

Don’t miss this thought provoking article

If you do one thing today, read this article. It gets us questioning why the government doesn’t give the dedication and investment into helping other – more deadly diseases that threaten lives across the world. People that suffer with disease of addiction. This is certainly not to undervalue the importance of COVID-19 but more of an eye opener to why one killer disease is more important than one that is affecting millions every year, both sufferers and their close ones.

Let’s all start being a little bit more thoughtful for others. The vulnerable, disabled, the elderly – these people aren’t as able to get to the shops so when they do and they have been emptied like this store ->

What are they meant to do? The reality is people will have far more than they need in their homes. Try to shop ‘normal’ and there wouldn’t be a shortage. If it comes to the point of self-isolation then stock up then. But we need to start considering others and not just ourselves. Be that, continuing hygiene after the pandemic has settled or letting someone else have the last pack of toilet rolls if you already have ten at home.

Stay safe and look after one another. _x

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