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Take a step inside this vintage, mid century, modern flat

Welcome to the third edition of Beaut Homes!!! Beaut Homes is where a friend of Beaut opens their home to share with you all. Check more out here!

This week Eve, Rob and baby Ripley of Sunningdalefoxes welcome us to their modern, mid-century home with a touch of 70’s retro vibes. Their 1970’s flat was purchased in November 2018. Since then they have created a charming interior aesthetic. A charming blend of their passion for 70’s music, fashion and decor whilst keeping it modern.

We’re both super into the 70s – music, fashion and obv interiors, but finding the balance between then and the modern. We wanted our home to have retro mid century vibes but to not look like it was stuck back in time 


Unexpected costs

If you have renovated a house you will be no stranger to unexpected costs! When Eve and Rob bought the house they were hoping to upcycle their kitchen to the max! Painted doors, perhaps a new work top, new handles, sink and what not! The reality sunk in though when they could see it in all its crumbly and sticky glory was that they realised this wasn’t possible.

The whole thing needed to be purged from the face of the earth; it was old and sticky and wonky, the electrics were dodgy and the plastering was crumbly – horrible, horrible, horrible!


This of course, is where most of their savings went. There is no getting around the cost of kitchens, even the cheaper ones aren’t cheap! So if you need to make a big purchase such as a kitchen wait until the sales like Eve and Rob did. Buying their house in the November meant that it was perfect timing to take advantage of the January sales! They hired a kitchen fitter who also sorted out the electrics and plastered the room. Hats off to them though because this is the only room they spent labour money on as they did all of their own wallpaper stripping, painting and decorating, flooring and tiling!

I was 6 months pregnant and was just ON ONE! I don’t know if it was the hormones or just my own tenaciousness, but I did the tiling one afternoon myself, (Rob was the chief tile cutter operator). Ended up saving a tonne of money and I’m beyond pleased with the result.


I think you will all agree with me that she is definitely deserved to be beyond pleased with the result! Whether it was pregnancy hormones or her tenaciousness she has done a fab job on the tiles! 

Overall the kitchen renovation cost £7-8k

Saving money elsewhere

Due to the unexpected costs of a new kitchen, it meant that Eve and Rob had to put on hold some of their planned jobs. They were planning on re-flooring the whole flat but when the kitchen fitter discovered faulty electrics the electric, of course, became priority! For now, they have re-floored the hallway.

Money saving tip! If you want designer brand colour at a more affordable price. Go to your local DIY store and ask for a colour match!

I say ‘we’ … I was v pregnant and just sat about eating and watching



Another decades old relic. 


Clearly Eve isn’t too keen on the bathroom but I actually think its quite nice! Due to the cost of replacing the kitchen they couldn’t afford to update their bathroom so they have made the best out of what they have!

I like how she has added an art deco mirror to bring out the art deco shape on the tiles. She has given it a fresh coat of paint which does wonders and she has styled in wonderfully with patterned towels, artificial plants and the ever popular bathroom staple print… ‘Get Naked’ (thats what he said! — I’m hilarious with my jokes! …hmm)

Bright living

Although not a large room their living room as these beautiful floor to ceiling windows which allow enough light to beam through that they can get away with that beautiful dark walls!

This beautiful window is perfect as an interior styling focal point, as you can see they have adorned it with plants, trinkets and pictures.

Who here loves a gallery wall?!

I love a gallery wall, there is one here and the beginnings of one in Ripley’s room. After a year of renting and not wanting to damage any walls I discovered command strips – they’re really good for attaching frames to the walls without using nails or screws. The majority of the frames are hung with these (larger ones are screwed in). Prints are from various shops but I’m trying to move towards smaller and/or local businesses. Frames are usually from Ikea or Amazon (works out cheaper than buying already framed)


This gallery wall with the Hague Blue background is especially lovely as it is a collection of pieces that signify Eve and Rob’s relationship. As you can see, they are clearly love Fleetwood Mac!

Stevie Nicks is my goddess supreme


Eve’s favourite song if she had to choose is ‘Sisters Of The Moon’, in fact she is such a fan of this song she even got a tattoo of a moon on her wrist that refers to it! ‘Go Your Own Way’ is obviously a classic and Beauts personal favourite is ‘Rhianon’. Tell us what your favourite Fleetwood Mac song is here.

The gorgeous print of Stockholm map is the first place they went on holiday together.

The Fox is their surname, or will be once they can get married after Covid is over! Just above it is a cute AF, black and white picture strip of the two of them together!

Then the amazing Star Wars poster! Fan or no fan, the colour and styling and sentiment on this poster is beaut! is a huge cultural part of our relationship, we both love the films, grew up with them etc. When asked what order she would watch them she said the very controversial prequel trilogy – originals – sequel trilogy! I am personally of the opinion to watch them in the order they were released! Share your thoughts here but don’t start a star – war (get it! eeehhhhh)

We try to be adventurous with colour but not OTT – we don’t ever want to be afraid of having colourful walls or clashing prints. I’m also a huge fan of dark walls (growing up my bedroom was ceiling to floor deep plum colour lol) but as we’re limited on space we try to limit it to one wall so not to make the space look smaller than it is.


Master Bedroom

Our room is on the same sunny side as the living room so we were able to have another dark wall (this time Downpipe by F&B).


I particularly love their bedside table arrangements and I see you Stevie Nicks!! (She really is a fan!!!)

Reduce, Recycle & Reuse

Another fab cost saving is to up-cycle old pieces of furniture! Chances are they are still better quality than what you can buy these days and it saves them going to landfill! Love planet Earth!


Once a tatty old chest of drawers, handed down to them from a relative. With a bit of time, sanding, priming, and chalk paint they had their very own baby changing table and drawers for baby Ripley!

After – doesn’t it look so much better!

Wanted it took shabby-chic rather than pristine as it was ultimately going to form part of the changing table (messy business you see)


All girls don’t love pink!

Ripley’s room. I wanted her room to be unique. I’m not a girly girl, so the idea of filling it with pink just filled me with dread and nausea 


It may have been morning sickness giving her the nausea but Eve knew she didn’t want her baby girl to have a pink bedroom! She is a fan of colour blocking and where else more perfect than to experiment in a babies room! After all it should be a fun place! I think she has done a fantastic job and the choice of colours are inspiring and fitting with the rest of their home.

Did you spot the other gallery wall! What a lucky baby Ripley is!

The sofa corner with the mustard triangle was an idea I dreamt up one afternoon, I wanted it to be a focal point of the room as you enter. It really draws the eye and is just a little quirky feature that I just love.


Read this colour blocking article on the Top 10 inspiration and the tools you need if you want to create a focal point at little cost!

Thank you again to Eve and Rob for sharing their flat with us and thank you for reading. Go follow Eve and Rob! Let us both know what you think and if you have been inspired!

If you have a an affordable home or project you would like to be featured on Beaut homes then follow me here and send me a DM!

Be happy and stay safe _x

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