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Take a Step Inside The Home Of Tammy And Her Treasures ~ Pt Two

Welcome to Part deux of my first feature in Beaut Homes, where I introduce you to friends of Beaut and their beautiful, and best of all affordable, homes. If you have arrived here without reading part one read now and then come back!

The whole concept of ‘Tammy’s Treasures’ is meant to be about me showing what high street bargains I could find but also showing them in situ at home. I also like to get creative and make my own home bits.


Showcasing Tammystreasures_ is the exactly what Beaut is about. Affordable Interior Inspiration. Here is a taste of her finds that she shares with us:

Her most recent Poundland finds

If someone wrapped these in some Oliver Bonas paper I’d believe it (well maybe not the quality but the look for sure)


£2 all together!

A funky plate that adds a pop of colour to any kitchen! Being from Poundland it was of course, only £1!

Do It Yourself!

Us girls can do anything ourselves that we put our mind to! Look at Tammy’s most recent creation!

What an amazing creation all for the price of £3 max! Doing projects such as this is also great for your mental wellbeing so give it a go! If you are to make a light shade, be sure you use a large shade and an LED light because safety is of utmost importance!

As well as buying new I like to use things we have around the house to make my own goodies which saves money and keeps me entertained. I used a light shade frame that we already had and wrapped jute around it to create this – 3 hours of wrapping and £2/£3 later et voila! 


So if you are a fan of Beaut and a fan of affordable interiors then check on Tammy’s page!

Thanks for reading and stay safe_x

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