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Take a Step Inside The Home Of Tammy And Her Treasures ~ Pt One

Welcome to my very first feature for Beaut Homes! Where I will be showcasing friends of Beaut and their beautiful homes. Affordable interior inspiration is at the core of Beaut and I will be highlighting how you all can have beautiful homes on an affordable budget.

Take a step into this 1900’s farmhouse with a classic countryside view

Meet Tammy, Tom and their little fluff ball, a Lhasa Apso called Myla. They live in a 1900’s farmhouse that has an idealistic view where Tammy’s favourite past time is spot the cows and sheep! Living in a converted farmhouse is the idyllic space for such a past time. Just look at this gorgeous view, isn’t it just a dream!

If you are reading this wishing you could live in a farmhouse but never thinking you could afford to, all you need is to hope that someone splits one in two (a realistic hope of sharing the wealth) and then you can own half of it like this lovely couple do!

Extended and renovated in 2016 and Tammy and Tom gaining the keys in 2017, there was no major rush in decorating which gave them time to dream about putting their own stamp on it and make their house into a home.

A girl after my own heart

There is little wonder why I love TammysTreasures_ instagram account when Tammy’s fave colours are green, dusky pink, greys, black and white (YES black and white are colours, if you are one of those!) and just like mine, the rooms in her house definitely reflect this!

A spacious and fresh feeling kitchen diner is the perfect place to cook some gorgeous meals and open the patio doors into their gorgeous farmhouse garden. In muted grey and pops of dusky pink the decor is tasteful. My personal favourite items in this room are the framed records on the kitchen wall. The green cabinet and most of all the cow sofa!!!!! How fitting for a farmhouse to how a cow print sofa!



Self confessed plant lovers they have over 70 real and fake indoor plants!

A perfect use of a half bedroom! This cute little home office is perfect inspiration for us all to have our own small space for working from home. I particularly feel inspired by this IKEA peg board and the basket of wrapping paper! Perfect for crafting!

Their latest project is their spare room where you are greeted with a horizon of black dots with a cute and contrasting black scatter cushion with white dots! It is the perfect blend of chic and minimalist with the added touch of dusky pink woodwork.

In each room they have used brass and coppers, as well as hessian, jute and rattan. Beautiful neutral tones to bring it all together. A fab example of this are these gorgeous brass bee knobs on these drawers!

Take a step outside

Now lets take a step outside and see how beautifully and best of all savvily! They have updated their farmhouse garden. Complete with its very own vegetable patch because what farmhouse would truly be complete without one?!

My favourite crafty project is definitely this corner outdoor seating area they created with wooden pallets! For no more than £60 they have a full and creative outdoor chill out area. I especially love the addition of the flower beds on the back boards.

We don’t think we’ll stay here forever but we couldn’t have picked a better first home (we have thought about extending which would mean we would stay here longer). We went small so that we could continue saving money for our ‘forever home’.


I think you will all agree with me when I suggest they definitely extend so that they get to enjoy this gorgeous farmhouse even longer!

Going small for your first home is definitely a wise choice finance wise because it does allow you to save for the future!

Thank you to Tammy, Tom and Myla for sharing your home with Beaut! I am so pleased that I spotted this Mac Miller record on your kitchen wall for it to prompt me to message! I love the interior instagram community and I hope you all want to be part of the Beaut community!

Read this article for part 2, where we delve into the treasures in Tammy’s Home 🙂

Thank you for reading! Let me know if you like this article and give Tammy and Beaut a follow on insta! If you haven’t listened to Mac Miller then stop what you are doing and listen now and stay safe! _X

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