Mindfulness or mind-half-fulness? Don’t worry -it’s not you, it’s Blue Monday!

Welcome to my first ‘Mindfulness or mind-half-fulness?’ Blog post! Well, my progression is in its title because I could have written ‘mindfulness or just mind-half-empty’, which would be my current reality BUT I am trying a journey of mindfulness and how to achieve it, however I find the whole fulness of the word rather overwhelming so I’m going with the mind half full approach because I’m coming round to the fact I’m always going to be a little, hmmmmm – complicated. So for all you other complicated humans, lets try work together to have a healthier mind, I will share what I am trying to explore and for those of you that have achieved getting your mental ducks somewhat all in a row, please share any advice and tips you may have!

So Its now 11:42am on my day off and I am still laying uncomfortably in my bedsheets that I intended to wash yesterday. I am barraged with a flock of emails I keep meaning to unsubscribe from but keep getting put off every time I look at my email box and each account keeps going up and up, currently at 324 emails (but remember – mind half-full! It was over 700 two weeks ago!) Progression! But still daunting. Don’t worry, I’m not popular, I just over-subscribe! 

*If you ever subscribe to my newsletter (not that I even have one yet), I probably won’t even get round to sending one a week so you’ll be safe!

Today is officially the most depressing day of the year! Hooray for an excuse!

But today, I find myself relieved to have these emails because one has just given me the perfect excuse behind my self induced coma state I’m currently in – it was an email alerting me to something called ‘BLUE MONDAY!’ Today is officially the most depressing day of the year! Hooray for an excuse! For once, it’s not me! It’s the day!!!! What a relief! Now what excuse do I give for the other 364 days of the year that I have yet to achieve mindfulness for…

Due to the name of the day I listen to ‘New Order – Blue Monday’. A wonderful 7minuted30seconds experience, followed by ‘dreams never end’ a slightly more upbeat backing tune to try drag me from my pit but with a still quite depressing undertone in fitting with the day. ~~ Pointless trivia time! Did you know that the band, New Order, is what the band, Joy Division, became after the passing of their lead singer, Ian Curtis. 

Anyway I digress, I have a pile of washing up my boyfriend kindly leaves me with every time he goes home, cleaning it up will piss me off slightly and result in me moaning at him but overall a tidier house helps me achieve a tidier mind – so that will be job number two, job number one being drag myself out of bed!

Learning about Blue Monday has got me hoping that maybe if this is the most depressing day of the year, it can only get better from tomorrow, right? Well, that is until the next winter hits. I am absolutely certain that Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing and if Blue Monday has clout (clout given by my down mood/ personal struggles today) then I am now choosing it to be the end of my SADness! So this year I am embracing and accepting Blue Monday and I hope that I can achieve a healthier mind so that next year I won’t be as accepting of SAD or Blue Monday – watch this space and I welcome any help and advice you can all give!

So to conclude my goal of the day for mind-half-fulness I am going to do the washing up, have a lovely soak in some salt water, post this terrible attempt at a blog post, and MAYBE change my bedding (don’t judge it’s only been on a week now, I’m not talking months – and same goes with my blogging!). Most important of all I’m going to TRY and not be too harsh on myself and accept that sometimes I need to embrace my off days but just try and not make them every day! After all I can’t stay down for the rest of my life.

That’s me, signing off whilst listening to ‘Lou Reed – walk on the wild side’ with each verse introducing you to another friend of the Andy Warhol Factory where Lou frequented. Gotta love that bass. Remember, be kinder to yourselves and try to just do one thing that will help your mind each day, even if it’s just getting a bath or even brushing your hair! X

p.s it was 13:45 by the time i got out of bed, but I did get a lovely bath, change my bedding and now i am posting this blog – all in all, not a bad attempt when I feel blue on this Monday afternoon. X

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