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Is This The Most Glamorous and Affordable Living Room Make Over Ever?

Welcome to the second part of my fourth edition of Beaut Homes! We have already seen Sam’s amazing Victorian chic bathroom reno and if you haven’t, check it out now!

The living room is the room I’m most proud of because I have created a luxurious room on a budget, it is and will always be my favourite room in my home. 


The ever talented Sam welcomes us back to share her utterly glamorous living room renovation with us!

Looking at the living room I think you would expect quite a substantial price for the décor and furnishings, but I upcycled or bargain hunted for most items.


Girl loves blue!

The best way to save money on decorating is to colour match paint! Sam chose Valspar paint match for hague blue (shhhh don’t tell F&B!), which cost £70. This covered the living room, hallway and even the bedroom feature wall!

Utilise what you already have!

Do you have old, stinky carpets but living in a Victorian property? Then get ripping those carpets up and you should be delighted to find the original floorboards! Most likely they will be covered in plaster, decades of dirt and paint just like Sam’s! You can obviously get a professional to spruce them up but the cheaper option is to higher a sander and buy some wood stain and voila you have gorgeous hardwood – ORIGINAL – flooring!!

you guys! this was ridiculously hard to find! like 30 minutes but I was determined so enjoy! haha

again no labour costs were needed and me and my Dad completed everything


The centre of attention

The centre piece of the whole living room – the mantel piece!

I did not pay a penny for neither did I for the iron fire grate, marble hearth or my coffee table. All of which were my parents that my Dad kept in the garage for over ten years as he is the biggest hoarder (so glad he is).


With a lick of paint and a spruce, these up-cycles have brought the whole living room together. Check out this amazing marketplace find! A brass covered dining table for the grand total of £25!!!!! That is an insane find!!!

I have a lot of vintage pieces passed down from my Nana too including my brass lamp, and marble side table. So really even my décor details I have only paid for a few modern decorative items and my couches which I bought in a sale for £600 for the two. 


Inspiration for Project: 

I wanted to create a glamourous modern Victorian living room. I am a creative person by nature and really wanted to express my eclectic taste and bold glamorous style with the living room.


I think she has most definitely achieved it! This living room is so glamorous and stunning! It just goes to show, a little thrifting, hand-me-downs and know how you can achieve a beautiful space for your home regardless of your budget! Be sure to give Sam a follow on her Instagram! And let us both know what you think!

Overall Decorating Cost (minus décor details) £150 

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