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How To Make A Vanity Unit Out Of Scaffolding Boards

A quick guide to the tools you need to make your very own vanity unit for less than £50!


You will of course need a scaffolding board for £20

Heavy Duty Scaffolding brackets only £11.20

*affiliate link*

Waterproof, clear varnish to protect the wood from water only £9.20

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How to

  1. Cut the boards to the desired length, two boards deep in order to house the basin. Finish off with a curved edge to add an element of chic.
  2. Whilst you’re cutting, drill a hole for the waste (make sure you measure the correct position first!)

3. Varnish with 4 coats of waterproof varnish to help protect from water. With a light sand in-between each coat.

4. Two hidden bits of support wood to join the boards together in a way to give the affect of floating shelves!

5. Attach to the wall with heavy duty scaffolding wall brackets – don’t forget the basin of course! And enjoy!!

Beautiful final results!

Doesn’t it look amazing! All for less than £50!!!!!!

Take a look at Fiona and Will’s chic bathroom makeover here. They have been so kind to share this corner of their home with us to inspire! They are the lovely couple behind 1930shome_leylands let us both know on Instagram what you think! Stay safe and thank you for reading! _x

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