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How To Create Your Own Wall Art Peach Stencil

How amazing is this peach wall that Tammy of @tammystreasures_ created! Here is how you can create your own fabulous peach wall! 

Tools needed: 

1) Find some sturdy but flexible plastic packaging. Tammy used a lid from a box of cards for the whole peach and a cupcake case lid for the middle! 

2) A sharpie pen for drawing the peach stencil and a pencil for drawing stencil onto the wall

3) Delicate Frog tape because its gentle on the painted wall!

4) A mini roller sponge (without the roller)

5) Three tester pots of dark orange and white and dark green

6) A fine painting brush

7) 1 paint pen in black


1) Draw the peach stencil first or trace around this picture of it! Using your sharpie pen

2) Then draw around the inner bit of the peach and create a wobbly circle and put a mark on it so you know where the top of the peach is. Use the masking tape to place on the wall

3) Mix the orange and white to create a dark peach colour and another mix of orange and more white to make a light peach colour. Using the mini roller sponge, start with dark paint at the bottom of the peach, going to light and then blend!

4) Repeat and turn the peach stencil each peach so they are not all facing the same way

5) Once you have painted all your full peaches, cut the stencil in half and paint a few edge peaches!

6) Take a step back, take a progress picture, tag Beaut and Tammy on Insta so we can see! And Admire for a few minutes!

7) Cut out the black outline of your peach stencil and using the masking tape, tape over the peach! (once dry obviously)

8) Using the paint pen draw the outline (noting the top of the peach). Using the fine paint brush and the dark green test pot, trace the green leaf part of the peach and repeat!

9) There you a fresh peach wall! Doesn’t in look absolutely amazing!!!! – You now have permission to do a happy dance

Thank you to Tammy for sharing her wall full of Peachy goodness! If you haven’t yet, read both the articles on Tammy’s Treasures! Part 1. Part 2.

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