How To Bring Spring Into Your Home Without Springing For A Loan

How to bring Spring into your home

This is a useful guide on how to bring Spring into your home on a budget! You have perhaps heard of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). In short, it is where people suffer from depressive mood during the winter months due to lack of natural daylight. Spring time is when people who suffer with SAD start to feel their moods uplifting, which is wonderful! I personally feel I suffer from SAD and I have started a journey of mind-half-fulness that I am sharing with you, to hopefully help a little!

One way to help with low mood is to bring Spring into your home but if you are like me and don’t necessarily have the spare cash for this, these are simple ways to bring Spring into your home without springing for a loan!

Another way that is proven to help with mental health is a tidy and clean home, check out my ultimate guide to Spring Cleaning. If this is too much to phase then have a look at my free downloadable 9 tasks in 9 days to give your home to feel of a Spring clean!

Egg dye fun!

A really cute and fun, but best of all cheap! Way to bring Spring into your home is to get crafty and start dyeing some eggs! Here’s how to dye eggs and complete with a free downloadable!

Wreaths aren’t just for Christmas!

I love wreaths and I am so happy that people are starting to come round to the fact that they aren’t just for Christmas! And my to do list this year is to make one! I have just had a scroll to find the best how to guide and came across this amazing looking, how to make a Spring wreath out of pine cones guide! It’s utterly beautiful so please check it out! You could also make one with the dyed eggs as decoration! Because it is mostly made of things you can find in your garden it is also cheap to make, bonus!

Wild Flowers

Wild flowers in glass bottles is another wonderful way to bring Spring into your home without springing for a loan. So now the weather has started to get nicer it’s time to get some fresh air! Go for a wonderful walk and pick some wild flowers to display in glass bottles and vases you already have.

*Please do your own research on the laws and regulations of picking wild flowers.*

If you are unsure which wild flowers are OK to pick a fantastic money saving tip is to buy reduced flowers from a shop!

Decorate vases

It is time to bring out and display any glass bottles and vases you have in your cupboards. If you have any gardening string or old ribbons wrap them around the bottles. So you fill your bottles and vases with a little water then take some food colouring and add drops to your required colour. Finally, combine all these with some wild flowers and you have gorgeous Spring decor for your home!

Wallpaper flower prints in old frames

Chances are you have some scraps of flower patterned wallpaper in the cupboard or some pretty old post cards. A great way to up-cycle these is to put them into some old frames as decoration around your home!

Top colours for Spring 2020

I have found this really helpful guide on if you are struggling with what colours to bring into your home this Spring:

To help put some Spring time in your step…

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