First post – Welcome to Beaut Blog!

So here I am trying to write my first ever post – what do I write about?! Will anyone care? Do I care if anyone cares? — Yes, Maybe – I mean, of course I care, i’m just trying to act all nonchalant but really I am the exact opposite.

For starters, I knew how to pronounce ‘nonchalant’ but I am embarrassed to say I couldn’t figure out the spelling of it – I resorted to having to ask Siri ‘what’s the word nonchalant mean’, knowing Siri would show me the spelling. I couldn’t help but see that the adjective is of a person or manner feeling or appearing casually calm and relaxed; not displaying anxiety, interest, or enthusiasm. Well I can assure you, try as a might, I am most definitely not a calm, relaxed person and I have overwhelming anxiety 85-95% of the time but I am on a journey of figuring my shit out and hopefully I can help my fellow nonchalant blaggers.

However, whilst I do not like to outwardly show my anxieties I am happy to outwardly show my interest and enthusiasm for anything and everything I find beautiful, which brings me to why I have created ‘Beaut Blog’. I’m not a natural blogger, hopefully I will listen, read more and learn how to become a great blogger and do my fellow bloggers proud – or maybe i’ll just remain a natural blagger! 

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