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Earth Day 2020 – Let’s make this crazy year into THE YEAR we all stop taking our planet for granted

Today, 22nd April 2020, is the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day! Obviously the Earth is

*looks on google to see how old the earth is*

4.54 billion years old (obviously!) but we have been celebrating Earth Day since 1970. It was brought in as a marker of the modern environmental movement. People gathered for mass clean ups of their patch of Earth, rallied in peaceful protests and above all else tried to warn us of the inevitable and clearly we (some not all) still haven’t taken note!  Let’s change this people!

So in honour of it being the 50th anniversary of Earth Day I wanted to reflect on our planet we call Earth and think of the 50 things I most love about it. I am not going to think too hard about this as I just want 50 things to pop organically into mind. So here goes …

*sudden anxiety in hoping I think of 50 things*

Hopefully it might inspire you to think of what you love most on this Earth. 

50 things I love most on Earth

1) Bee’s — Of course I am going to start with the Bee!!!!!! I love Bee’s, I make it no secret. My logo of two B’s are styled in such a way to give a slight look of a Bee and I always sign off with _love Bee (B to stand for Beaut) and just let’s face it, any excuse to use a bee emoji! 

2) Ladybirds – (or ladybugs if I have any American readers) I mean, they are just adorable aren’t they? With the most adorable name! So growing up I was of the belief that how many spots a ladybird had would tell me the age of said ladybird. This made sense to me, I guess because if the rings on a tree stump told me the age of that tree then why wouldn’t the similar idea for ladybirds be correct. (Now is the time you tell me that I am also incorrect about tree stumps *quickly googles to check I am correct*). To tell you some actual facts about lady birds read this lovely little article on 11 myth busting, fascinating facts about ladybirds

3) Our upwards view pt1. The ever changing and ever beautiful skyline that each and every one of us can appreciate, no matter where we are in this world. We all can look up at the sky and I feel like it somehow makes us one. This may sound a bit idealistic but the fact is, if humanity isn’t the one thing we all have in common, then it is the sky commonality that we share. To me, there is nothing more beautiful than the every changing sky during the day. Depending on the weather, clouds etc. it is always somehow breath-taking that we can all see it.

4) Our upwards view pt2. Then there is the night sky. Well, how amazing is it that, on a clear night we can catch a glimpse of our universe and some of the many, many stars that are in it and if we are lucky even another planet!

5) Our upwards view pt3. Then last but in no means least, the most phenomenal sky I have ever had the luck to see is the aurora borealis, a natural light display in the Earth’s sky. I hope everyone can experience such beauty once in their life.

6) Water – Essential for life as we know it. The Earth is the only planet in our solar system to harbour this element and I think a lot of us take it for granted because it so readily comes out of the taps! I want to show my appreciation for my favourite drink that is water and how lucky I am to live in a patch of earth where I have access to safe and clean water. Everyone should have this right. 

7) Mother Earths infinite wisdom – how nature always finds a way. Especially during this Covid-19 global pandemic I can’t help but notice how the skies are less polluted and a thought occurs that perhaps this is a natural repercussion of the harm that humans have done to our planet. I am sure I hear louder bird song and enjoy the calmness of less traffic on the roads. Look at the fact that people in India, 125 miles away, are seeing the Himalayas again for the first time in 30 years. Incredible! 

8) Tree’s – Tree’s, tree’s, tree’s. Most importantly they provide oxygen and clean our polluted air. I could write a whole blog about the vast amount of tree’s that I love but I wouldn’t do it justice. I love the first sight of blossom in the Spring, I love the rich variation of green tones in the Summer and I am a lover of all Autumnal colours! A really fun activity, if you are able, would be to plant a new tree! You can watch it grow! Let me know if you do this or have done this! 

9) Grass – Nothing nicer than bare feet on grass in Summer! So please don’t litter! 

10) The smell of fresh grass! 

11) The smell of seaweed on the beach, mixed in with the smell of the salty ocean. 

12) The Great Barrier Reef, home to 125 kinds of sharks and thousands of other species. The saddest news I have ever heard was when I read that, since 2016, half of the Great Barrier Reef’s coral had died.

13) Pebbles – all their wonderful shapes, sizes and colour variations. How lovely when you find a love heart shaped one? 

14) The blue lagoon in Iceland. If you say nature doesn’t give us gifts then you haven’t experienced naturally warm water from hot springs that you can bathe in. Theres no wonder this is home to one of the 25 wonders of the world.

15) Colours! All of the colours we can find in nature are truly amazing. How awesome are rainbows?! 

16) The ocean and all of its creatures! We are so busy exploring outer space when we have almost alien like creatures in the deepest parts of the ocean! It is like exploring an alien planet. 

17) The people that I love and adore. The fact we even exist is incomprehensible. Let’s all do Mother Nature proud and try be better humans! 

18) Cats – Both big and small. They are magnificent and the small ones are such loving companions! You just maybe have to smother them with love until they give in because they are also independent! 

19) Wild flowers – ties in with my colours – the array of types of flowers and their colours is extraordinary. 

20) Birds and their songs – There is so many beautiful bird songs to hear when you take a walk out in nature. 

21) Owls! I love owls. – *fun fact – if you hear an owl ‘twit – twoo’ you are actually hearing two tawny owls, male and female, communicating with one another. The female says ‘twit’ the male, ‘twoo’.* (cute, right?)

22) The sound of running, free flowing water. 

23) The sound of waves crashing on the shore. 

24) Yorkshire‘s countryside, ever inspiring and beautiful. 

25) Salt – the Sea is full of it! I love salt to season food but I love salt the most for my mental health. 

26) Fresh air – even inside. Just opening the windows of your home and smelling how fresh it makes the air is marvellously refreshing. 

27) Terrain – Mother Nature’s exercise gym is just outside! Find a beautiful hill to run up and get rewarded with a beautiful view! 

28) Sun rays on hair. (Sorry bald guys) I love touching my hair if it is warm from the sun, try it before you call me strange! 

29) Lambs!!!! I went for a walk the other day and there were sheep and their lambs and I met one that wanted to come home with me! —- what a cutey! 

30) Foxes – both arctic and red, they are just so beautiful! 

31) The sound of heavy rain splashing on water. 

32) Bats – have you seen a baby bat? So cute! But most amazingly is, if you stand in a room full of bats they will not fly into you because their echolocation is superb. They can fly through a forest and not hit a single branch! 

33) Crunchy leafs on the floor – walking on crunchy autumnal leafs is the best sound! 

34) Sunsets – enough said. 

35) Algae and moss – yes you read that right. Look at what it does to the Caño Cristales river. What is even better is that it is only accessible on foot or horseback – the two things that nature has given us. 

36) Sunrises – enough said.

37) Food – OK I might appreciate this one a tad too much! 

38) Its incredible diversity from all of its animals to all of the variations of flowers and plant life. 

39) Snow. Fresh, thick laid snow just makes everything beautiful. 

40) Birds of Paradise birds– If you haven’t seen these beautiful and enchanting birds then click here now! Their mating dances are amazing – watch here! It’s actually insane! So amazing! Just imagine if humans made this much effort when trying to court? A bit more romantic that Tinder! 

41) Strelitzia flower – talking about birds of paradise, the Strelitzia flower is more commonly known as Bird of Paradise flower due to its petals resemblance to an exotic bird in flight. It is also known as a Crane Flower. How stunning is this flower!

42) Lemon balm plants – When I was in Sweden there were so many around that it just smelt beautiful and if you rub the leaves your fingers smell of fresh lemons!!

43) Sweden – This is a country that I just feel so strongly connected to. It is stunningly beautiful and you have the Norwegian Fjords next to it and the people are so lovely and welcoming! I feel like I might live here one day.

44) Penguins!!! The male brings their mate the smoothest, and shiniest pebble then can find and present it at their feet. Cute!!!!!

45) Energy – you can’t put your finger on it but we feel it all around us. From the energy in waves, to the energy in the wind. It is a feeling that we can’t see and we can’t touch and we can’t smell but it is every bit as real as anything else on the Earth, including love.

46) Eucalyptus Deglupta – More popularly called a rainbow tree because of its multi coloured bark.

47) Dogs and every other pet that bring humans happiness

48) Fireflies – Not only do we have the Moon to give us light in the dark but also these beautiful flying bugs!

49) Waterfalls – My favourite one(s) I have seen are the Gullfoss Waterfalls in Iceland, which has the largest waterfall in Europe! Impressive!

50) Planet Earth in its entirety. It is our home. 

Well, I was getting quite worried there that I gave myself too big of a task and that I wouldn’t complete it on actual Earth Day but I did! I hope each of you get something from this post. It certainly made me take a step back and really contemplate the wonders of this Earth. There will be a crazy amount of things that I love about the Earth that hasn’t popped into my head so please go on social media and share with me what you love about Planet Earth. _x


  • MySideofTheWindow
    23 April, 2020 at 12:23 am

    hi Katie,

    This is lovingly written. 🥰 I am sure mother Earth is really happy to be treated well and will give back a lot more… Least but not the least, you are the epitome for the quite “The earth has music for those who listen”. -William Shakespeare

    For me, understanding and appreciating mother Earth always make me feel small. We are just some specks on its surface but we can always try to give more and more to it and its inhabitant. Giving even at smallest and free (effortless) thing like smiles 🙂

    Happy Earth Day 🌎
    – Jamaliah xx

    P/S : Ahah! Now i understand the meaning behind Beaut Blog.. 🐝🐝 BB…charming!!!

    • Katie_x
      22 May, 2020 at 9:40 am

      I’ve just seen these comments! Thank you so much for taking the time to read and comment. And sorry for the delay in replying! I am still new to this whole website and insta thing! What kind words you really have put a smile on my face today!
      What a beautiful quote to be the epitome of. Interestingly, Shakespeare is often cited as the original source, however it is unlikely he was. The other names that are attributed to this quote are George Santayanaor or Oliver Wendall Holmes. <3 thank you again! _X

  • MysideoftheWindow
    23 April, 2020 at 1:24 pm

    hi Katie,

    This is lovingly written. 🥰 I am sure mother Earth is really happy to be treated well and will give back a lot more… You epitome the quotes “the earth has music for those who listen”. -William Shakespeare (allegedly?)

    For me, understanding and appreciating mother Earth always make me feel small. We are just some specks on its surface but we can always try to give more and more to it and its inhabitant. Giving even at smallest and free (effortless) thing like smiles 🙂

    Happy Earth Day 🌎
    – Jamaliah xx
    P/s love the bees too

    • Katie_x
      22 May, 2020 at 9:46 am

      🙂 🙂 🙂 xxx


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