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Budget Ideas For Chalkboard Art In The Kitchen

Here is a budget friendly way of creating chalkboard art for your kitchen. What perfect time during this lockdown to occupy the creative side of you and help your mental health!

As I walk into my galley kitchen, in my victorian terrace home, to the right is a 1m wide empty space before the top cupboards start. The old stove used to be below here but as I moved it to the bottom of the kitchen I feel like this is wasted space and in much need of some useful art!

Art on a budget

As always, I am on a budget. I have spent all my savings in renovating my home. (I will share shortly how much I have spent and on what rooms). Therefore I had about £30 to spare for my new art project. I bought a chalk board and 4 liquid chalk pens for £29.59 which included the price of next day delivery!

Inspiration on what to draw on my chalkboard

I headed to Pinterest to find inspiration of what to draw on my chalkboard. As you can imagine, that led me down quite the rabbit hole! These are the pins I saw that inspired my own piece of kitchen art:

With a deep breath and steady hand I got chalky with it!

I’m pleased to say that I only re-started once! Because it was my first time using liquid chalk I ended up spilling too much out of the pen. I also thought my lettering was too large. This was the best course of action as I had a short practice and then was able to start a fresh, with the use of a wet and dry cloth! Here are my progress pics…

Final results

Here is my final result! Please let me know what you think on instagram. This cost me less than £30 and a day being crafty and creative! I am actually pretty happy with myself. Just shows what us women can do when we put our minds to it!

If you are a bit worried about free-hand and you aren’t having much luck then you can also buy stencils for chalkboard art, which I skipped on just because it saves that little bit of money! I enjoyed being arty as well, it helped with my mental health!

So there you have it! Here are your steps:

  1. Buy a cheap chalk board and liquid chalk pens!
  2. Play I am Woman by Helen Reddy. Every girl needs a good ballad for sing along.
  3. Go on Pinterest and find inspiration to create your own bit of art!
  4. Get chalky with it! As you now play ‘Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It’ by Will Smith.
  5. Share your creations on Instagram and tag @beautblog_x so I see them!

Thank you for reading and stay safe _x

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