Budget Basket

7 Chic, Natural bathroom accessories under £40

How gorgeous are these baskets! Made from hemp, they will add a warm, natural feel. Best of all, they are at a great price! £36 for small and £38 for large!

£39 for this entire set! Bamboo is a great material for use in bathrooms and white is timeless.

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Add a spot of a natural industrial look with this open handled wire storage basket! £20!!!

£31.99 for this super versatile bath rack and it doubles up to a bedside tray – so if you haven’t finished watching that Netflix documentary, pick it up after your bath, pop the legs out and lay it on your bed!

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OK, I may have chosen this item because of the cat! But it does add a level of french chic to ones bathroom and its only £13! Made from cotton, it looks a hell of a lot better than a pile of dirty clothes on the floor! *Be sure to remove the cat before putting washing in*

To add that SPA feel to your bathroom, this natural bamboo mat will do just the trick. £32.99

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I have to put Melrose Candle Co on the list of recommendations! They smell seriously good and are all natural! What is more perfect than ‘night swim’ £17 for a large candle! £7 for small! Better still, you can choose clear or amber jars!

For inspiration on creating that Spa feel bathroom at home check out Fiona and Will’s bathroom makeover on a budget!

Read this to see how salt baths are good for your mental and physical health!

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